Ernst Triebaumer

Green Winegrowing – thats how we describe the way we go about our business. We work in an unconventional, holistic and grandchild – friendly way.
This goes for the whole of our wine production but also the way we market our wines and live our lives. Our wines are the anthitesis of the mainstream. We produce a living elixir, and its uncompromising character is an expression of this philosophy.



Nome dell’azienda agricola / Winery name / Nom du domaine: WG Ernst Triebaumer
Nome e cognome del responsabile / Owner’s name and surname / Nom et prénom du titulaire: Herbert Triebaumer
Ragione sociale / Legal name / Raison sociale: WG Ernst Triebaumer reg GenbmH
Indirizzo / Address / Adresse: Raiffeisenstraße 9
CAP / Area Code / Code postal: 7071
Città / Town / Ville: rust
Provincia / Other / Département: burgenland
Regione / Region / Région: Neusiedler See
State (U.S. only):
Paese / Country / Pays: Austria
Telefono / Phone / Telephone fixe: 00436642032866
Cellulare / Mobile / Tel. portable:
Email / Email / Adresse Mail:
Sito internet / Website / Site internet:

Altri dati

Certificazioni dell’azienda / Certifications / Certifications: Biodinamica
Associazioni a cui aderisce / Member of these associations / Adhérent a quelles associations:
Distributore per l’Italia / Italian distributor / Distributeurs pour l’Italie: no
Superficie della proprietà (ha) / Size of the property (ha) / Superficie du domaine (ha): 20
Superficie vitata (ha) / Size of the vineyards (ha) / Superficie viticole (ha): 20
Bottiglie annue prodotte / Bottles per year / Bouteilles annuelles produites: 100000
Vitigni impiantati / Grape varieties planted / Types de vignes plantées: Blaufränkisch, CS, Merlot
Ch, GV, Gelber Muskateller, Sauvignon Blanc
Metodo di lavorazione / Farming method / Mode de travail: Naturale / Natural / Naturel
Visite presso l’azienda / Winery visits / Visite au domaine: Sì, su prenotazione / Yes / Oui
Vendita diretta / Cellar door sales / Vente directe: Sì / Yes / Oui
Vendita diretta al pubblico di Live Wine / Direct sale to the public at Live Wine / Vente directe auprès du public de Live Wine: Sì / Yes / Oui

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