Food and wine are an indissoluble pair and the artisanal wines presented at Live Wine cannot be but accompanied by food that’s in line with the same philosophy.

Among the food stalls there you will find Italian and foreign carefully cured raw-milk cheese, dishes and sandwiches made with prime-choice cold cuts, sourced from ethically bred animals, freshly-made street food prepared with great mastery. And then, artisanal ‘taralli’, oil, olives, pickles, chocolate… not to mention a great coffee, espresso or filtered, to suit your taste.

Food Stands

Goat cheese


Lu Cavalire
Peppers, extra-vergine olive oil


Italian and international cheese selection


La Baita & Galleano
Taggiasche olives, extra-vergine olive oil, basil pesto, vegetable pesto, giardiniera


Salted anchovies, filets of anchovies in extra-vergine olive oil


Bread, focaccia, bakery pastry


“Bruschette” with Altamura Dop bread, sandwiches with grilled octopus


Parizzi Elicicoltura
Snail products


Passion Cocoa
Chocolate, cocoa, creams


San Paolo/Brianti
Cold cuts of Parma black pig


San Lorenzo
Honey and apple juice of ancient Piedmontese varieties


Tagliato per il Gusto
“Iberian Jamon” hand cut with a knife, cheese from the Lessini Mountains


Tipografia Alimentare
Handcrafted tacos with meat and veggies, pickles


Torrefazione Lady Cafè
Espresso coffee and filtered coffee


Valli Unite
Dishes and sandwiches with salami produced on the organic farm


Vallescannese – Rotolo Gregorio
Organic cheeses made from sheep, goat and cow milk


Zio Pasquale
Handmade “taralli”