Hauksson Weine

Hoss Hauksson is the only Icelandic winemaker in the world. After 20 years in the finance industry he became a winegrower/winemaker in 2017. He manages 5.5 hectares of vines in Aargau and Ticino in Switzerland. Key varieties are Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Kerner, Merlot and Blaufränkisch. We work biodynamically in the vineyards and are now in our third and final year of conversion to biodynamic farming. In the cellar we use minimal intervention. Our aim is to make fault free wines without oxidation, reduction, volatile acid and brett, while still maintaining as low level of intervention as possible. Both white and red wines are skin fermented and bottled without filtration or fining.

Nome dell’azienda agricola / Winery name / Nom du domaine: Hauksson Weine
Nome e cognome del responsabile / Owner’s name and surname / Nom et prénom du titulaire: Hoss Hauksson
Indirizzo / Address / Adresse: Hauptstrasse 15
CAP / Area Code / Code postal: 5235
Città / Town / Ville: Rüfenach
Provincia / Other / Département: Aargau
Regione / Region / Région: Aargau
State (U.S. only):
Paese / Country / Pays: Switzerland
Telefono / Phone / Telephone fixe: +41 79 305 9183
Cellulare / Mobile / Tel. portable:
Email / Email / Adresse Mail: hoss@haukssonweine.ch
Sito internet / Website / Site internet: http://www.haukssonwine.com

Altri dati

Certificazioni dell’azienda / Certifications / Certifications: Biodinamica / Byodinamics / Biodynamique
Associazioni a cui aderisce / Member of these associations / Adhérent a quelles associations: Demeter Schweiz
Distributore per l’Italia / Italian distributor / Distributeurs pour l’Italie: None
Superficie della proprietà (ha) / Size of the property (ha) / Superficie du domaine (ha): 5.5
Superficie vitata (ha) / Size of the vineyards (ha) / Superficie viticole (ha): 5.5
Bottiglie annue prodotte / Bottles per year / Bouteilles annuelles produites: 35000
Vitigni impiantati / Grape varieties planted / Types de vignes plantées: Pinot Noir (50%), Pinot Gris, Kerner, Merlot, Blaufränkisch, Malbec, Riesling, Chardonnay, Müller-Thurgau, Sauvignon Blanc
Metodo di lavorazione / Farming method / Mode de travail: Biodinamica / Byodinamics / Biodynamique
Visite presso l’azienda / Winery visits / Visite au domaine: Sì, su prenotazione / Yes / Oui
Vendita diretta / Cellar door sales / Vente directe: Sì / Yes / Oui
Vendita diretta al pubblico di Live Wine / Direct sale to the public at Live Wine / Vente directe auprès du public de Live Wine: No / Non

Vini presentati in fiera:

Pinot Noir Alpberg

Nome del vino / Wine name / Nom du vin: Pinot Noir Alpberg
Denominazione / Denomination / Appellation: AOC Aargau
Annata / Year / Année: 2017
Tipologia / Type / Genre: Rosso / Red / Rouge
Fermo o mosso / Still or sparkling / Tranquille ou effervescent: Fermo / Still / Tranquille
Secco o dolce / Dry or sweet / Sec ou doux: Secco / Dry / Sec
Uve / Grapes / Raisins: Pinot Noir
Vol %: 13.7
Bottiglie prodotte / Bottles produced / Bouteilles produites: 5000
Estensione del vigneto (ha) / Size of the vineyard (ha) / Superficie de la vigne (ha): 1.1
Produzione media per ettaro (q.li/ha) / Production per hectare (ql/Ha) / Rendement à l’hectare (q/Ha): 0.375
Filtrazione sterile / Sterile filtration: No / Non
Lieviti selezionati / Added yeasts / Utilisation de levures sélectionnées: No / Non
Aggiunta di solfiti / Added sulphites / Sulfites ajoutés: Sì / Yes / Oui
Solforosa totale (mg/l) / Total Sulphur (mg/l) / SO2 totale (mg/l): 72